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Tourism meets tradition at Afi

Afi town in ​​wilayat Wadi al Maawil is a place where tourism meets tradition. Its ancient history is evidence of a rich tradition of the place that stored knowledge along with an impregnable fortress that repelled invaders of all sorts.

Afi has many elements of tourist attractions. It is also famous for its moderate climate and rich agriculture crops.

Saud bin Said al Maawali, a resident of Afi town, spoke about the uniqueness of this town and said,

“Located in the centre of Wilayat Wadi al Maawil, the heritage site has many historical monuments. Most notable is Harat Hujarat al Shaikh with its castle and high towers that protected the people living inside, from the raids of enemies.”

Another important location is Al Safalah Castle, which is the signature site of Wilayat Wadi al Maawil.

Other exciting sites here are Museum of Bait al Ghasham, Natalah House, Bin Salima Fort, and Al Mutlaa Castle.

The traditional irrigation system here is a distinctive feature of the town that reflects upon the lifestyle of the inhabitants.

“Allah gave this town with the wealth of the ‘aflaj’ and water springs. Prominent ‘aflaj’ here are Al Washhi and Al Maliki,” said a local resident.

Among the water springs, the most prominent is Al Munzif Spring.

Afi is also known for a rare tree called Al Fanas.

A visitor can never forget Afi for its mesmerising environment and idyllic landscape.

Additionally, Afi has been known for its silver industries since ancient times. The skill reveals the legacy of its ancestors, who were experts in making Khanjar and converting it into the industry and traditional handicraft.

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