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Don’t blame the media…

Since Covid-19 began there has been a criticism where the media in the world has been blamed for hyping up the tension on the virus and its impact. If this had been true we would not be seeing the chaos the world is going through now.

If there had been fear generated from daily reports people would have been more cautious. The less you know better might work here and maybe the media at times might have gone overboard but the more you are aware the more cautious one can be.

But somehow a strange phenomenon seen in this pandemic is how the so-called conspiracy theories also got equal importance if not more.

Transparency and clear communication always build trust in a situation where otherwise there is confusion and fear. Media today includes various platforms where information is shared instantly. At the moment it is the image of people gasping for air.

It is not to say stay obsessed with numbers but to be aware of what is going on around and to understand why authorities are urging people to be cautious and requesting to stay away from gatherings.

Maybe one of the best ways to convey the message would be to become a role model for others. When one person in the family follows the Covid-19 protocol the rest of the family would follow. It is sad to note that in the current wave individuals in their 30s are reaching the ICUs. And of course they are the ones who have to move about and are exposed. This is a crucial age group because they are the supporting members of the families — an age group who have completed education and in the working age as well as the contributing members of the society.

We have successfully achieved good results in many campaigns such as road safety campaigns and environmental protection drives. What we are currently asked to do as Covid-19 protection protocol is more or less a self defence, but that is not all as you are protecting your family members too. Even with precautions people are falling victim to the virus because the truth is we have to live and in order to do that one of us would have to always step out of the house. The economy must continue to function.

It might be an escapist route to look away from reality. It might cause stress but then the best way might be to learn to handle stress. To know to detach and yet stay knowing. That might be a difficult situation to handle but one well known feature of Covid-19 is its unpredictability enhanced by the variants.

Oxygen, one of the free resources, which we have been enjoying up to now has become a precious commodity and the surge in cases have also seen the urgent need for the oxygen in cylinders, just like water in the bottle in the middle of a desert.

Now like never before people are holding onto prayers the list of names of people to pray for continues to grow. Someone while speaking to me received a call and the person on the other end said he has an intense headache and his boss is being treated for Covid and so could it be Covid? He goes into self isolation and takes medication. As I write this WhatsApp alerts a message to say sorry to inform your friend has passed away in Delhi due to Covid-19. This is one person who was always with immense spirit in whatever she was doing. Too young to go because knowing her she would have had lots of dreams and plans yet to be fulfilled.

Covid-19 has ruined many plans and taken away lives before it was time or would you say it is part of fate?

A road accident cannot be defined as an accident. It is an incident due to misjudgment in most of the cases. Here too we know the precaution yet we are unsure why the surge in number of cases. Some have to work from the office, others have the option to work from home. One thing the virus has proven is that everyone is equal — rich or poor, women or men and young or old.

Let us not lose hope but let us remain defensive for ours and others sake. Let us learn the difference between fake and real news and hype and reality.

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