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Second 10 days of the holy month is for seeking forgiveness from Almighty Allah

The second ten days of the holy month of Ramadhan, according to the Holy Quran, is for seeking forgiveness from Almighty Allah and these ten days hold great importance as fasting is moving forward taking us on an extensive spiritual voyage.

According to the Islamic belief, the first 10 days of the holy month of Ramadhan are the days of ‘Mercy of Allah’ while the following ten days are ‘Forgiveness from Allah’ and the last phase being ‘Salvation from Hellfire’

Hatim Abdissalam, a religious scholar, advises us to take this lockdown period in a positive way and as a period for studying the reality and to feel how powerless human beings are in front of Almighty. This shall help us make our steps forward and gain spiritual power in the second phase as well as the final phase of the holy month.

“People are quite disheartened that they are not able go to mosques and pray during the holy month and are worried if their morality and spirituality will be weak as all the mosques are closed for prayers”, he said.

“This is, in fact, taken to be the period of realisation and revitalisation of oneself and gain energy to face future challenges and attain spirituality,” Hatim said.

According to the scholars, a phase when we cannot pray special prayers inside masjid is a trial of Allah who wants to see how strong our Iman (belief) is and if we would continue our prayers and taqwa even if we are without mosques due to the restrictions.

“During this difficult times, it is more important for us to get closer to Allah Almighty and reassure that we trust Him and we repose our hopes on Him all the more. He is the only one who can take us out form these restrictions. Let’s not waste the month because nobody knows if these are the last few days of our life on earth. Let’s always remain thankful to Allah and remain compassionate and dutiful to Him through the second phase of this beautiful month”, Mohammed Baqavi, a religious teacher urged.

However, there are no restrictions for tilawa (reciting Holy Quran), supplications, gaining knowledge, giving charity online, there’s no restrictions to dhikr, learning, no restrictions to worshipping Allah. And there are much more avenues to do all these nowadays. No matter what the circumstances over a mumin of Allah are He is always there for us, according to the scholars.

They hope that true believers will always praise Allah, more so in the holy month, he is thankful to Him and he will try to be closer to Him and fulfil his duties.

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