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Signal jumping cases decline in 5 years


The incidents of jumping the signal fell by 67 per cent in the last five years due to drivers’ commitment to traffic rules and regulations.

Lt Col Zakiya bint Hamad al Sinawiyah, Director, Traffic Violations Department, said that the percentage of red-light violations at traffic signals exceeded 0.6 per cent of the total violations recorded

in 2020.

The data provided by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) said that the procedures for dealing with the driver of the vehicle, who was proven to have crossed the red signal, is to arrest the driver of the violating vehicle for a period not exceeding 48 hours, and seize the vehicle for a period of two weeks. Three points are also added to the driver’s account.

Lt Col Al Sinawiyah said that those who follow the studies conducted on roads have proved that humans are the primary cause of road accidents, explaining that the ROP has followed a set of awareness campaigns aimed at educating users of the danger of jumping the red signal, and adhering to what is stipulated in the Traffic Law and its executive regulations. All instructions and warnings are in the interest of the driver and those with him in the vehicle.

She said that the Traffic Department plays an active role, and a planned and continuous approach in educating road users of effective modern methods.

She emphasised that the Traffic Law and its executive regulations were amended to keep pace with traffic safety requirements and some legal articles reinforce the violation of crossing the red light signal.

She said that traffic awareness is an important tool to cut the number of road accidents. Traffic statistics have proved the effectiveness of traffic control devices for those crossing the red light.

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