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A man who pioneered CSR initiatives...


His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik conferred the Medal of Honour on Raoul Restucci, Managing Director of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). This is in appreciation of his work which he did in the management of the company over the years. Also, this is an acknowledgement of the exemplary services he offered while adopting many value-added initiatives and activities meant for the service of the society.

Raoul Restucci is known for bringing corporate social responsibility to the forefront of the efforts being made for national building as well as strengthening the internal structure of the organisation. He has been protecting and defending the rights of the employees, building bridges between the management and the workers for direct internal contact. Such qualities and virtues of such personalities must be lauded. This was also required to motivate others to follow the path.

There is no doubt that this honour which has come directly from His Majesty the Sultan will leave a clear imprint in the fields of national work. It will also help in the elevation of the status of the country in this area of work. For such honour, usually, there are clear and precise criteria. Such leaders deserve to be appreciated as they tirelessly work more than, anyone else for progress and advancement wherever they are. They deserve to be duly honoured and acknowledged.

Though I knew very little about him, yet it would be unfair if I did not write few words about the virtues he possessed and those were in my knowledge. A friend of all, Raoul Restucci, is seen as a very important asset for the company as well as those individuals who were associated with him. He is known for his personal traits and character, particularly his modesty, politeness and big heart. His soft talking was always appreciated by everybody.

Under his 10 years of leadership, the company has made extraordinary achievements which were more than those done in the previous five decades. During his tenure at the helm, the company has left its mark in corporate social responsibility. It seemed as if he stood to strengthen all the efforts being made in public good. There are no government or non-government organisations in any governorates of the Sultanate which have not benefited from the corporate social investments by the PDO. He utilised all capacities and capabilities of its skilled cadre in offering services to the government while bringing any changes or up-gradation or the modernisation programmes.

Raoul Restucci has adopted a lean method in his style of management. This is because he realised that the job always requires changes, adaptation and improvement for the development of the company. Perhaps the reason behind his style of management of the company was to develop the skills of the new generation of Omanis to be able to face all sorts of changes and challenges in all areas of their work. He remained committed to Omanisation.

The need and importance of environmental conservation were never overlooked by him. He took and supported all practical works and initiatives for the purpose. He is of the firm view that natural resources must be protected. Therefore, he brought a lot of rules, terms and conditions to serve this objective which is dear to his heart so that natural balance is maintained.

During the tenure of Raoul Restucci, there was a surge in local investments in oil concession areas. It has enabled companies to take responsibilities for support services in the oil and gas sector. It helped in setting up five major local investment companies in the concession areas. The company provided funds and strengthened them with tenders worth millions to establish local companies and absorb people of these areas. It is not easy to mention or describe, in few words, all the virtues of the personality called Raoul Restucci. It is for us to see if we could give him the due honour or the respect he deserved.


Ali Al Matani

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