Arrival of local produce pulls down prices

Prices of fruits and vegetables in the Sultanate have started coming down with the arrival of the local produce from across the country resting in reduced prices of the same, according to the market monitors.
A kilo of tomato which was sold at 500 baisa till last week was available for around 350 baisa with more produce reaching the market, prices are posed to dip further, suppliers have said.
“Prices of local fruits and vegetables are to reduce further in the coming days, thanks to the beginning of harvest season in the country.” Oman’s crops cultivation season usually begins in December and lasts till March or so. Oman produces, besides tomato, chilli, pumpkin, cauliflower, ladies finger, cabbage, beans, cucumber, brinjal (eggplant) and a wide variety of leafy vegetables.
“We are expecting a better climate this year highly congruent to better cultivation against last year which was not favourable,” Ahmed al Shuraiqi, a Bahla-based farmer in his 70s told the Observer.
According to him, the increased production would reflect in augmented supply of the same in the local market resulting in reduced prices. One of the few countries which have stringent policy on quality and prices, Oman receives its major chunk of fresh food supplies from abroad. With the distorted flight services during the pandemic, prices have made a sharp rise in the past few months. “We import majority fruits and vegetables from Asian, European, and the Far East and the increased transportation cost in the past few months has made prices high,” said Abdulwahid of Suhol al Fayha, a leading fresh food supplier, adding “The present scenario would make demand for Omani fruits and vegetables high helping the local farmers.”