Arab universities council meets at SQU

MUSCAT: Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) hosted the 51st meeting of the Executive Council of the Association of Arab Universities. The meeting, attended by heads of 12 Arab universities, was chaired by Dr Ali bin Saud al Bemani, Vice Chancellor of SQU and Deputy Chairperson of the Executive Council for the session, and Prof Sultan Abu Orabi al Adwan, Secretary-General of Association of Arab Universities. The meeting discussed the proposals and recommendations concerning the amendment of the basic system of association. It also discussed the general decision of the conference in the session concerning the scientific societies, and shed light on the proposal of the University of Jerusalem to establish a council for community responsibility.
The first session, chaired by Dr Al Bemani, reviewed the topics of the meeting’s agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting, which was held in April at the Lebanese Islamic University in Beirut. The executive council then discussed the proposed amendments to the basic system of the association. The executive council intends to finalise the proposed amendments to the system. The association has formed a specialised committee of a number of university presidents to review the system and to submit its proposals to the council for review and adoption. The amendments were also sent to all member universities for an opinion and proposals. The meeting also reviewed all sections of the system including the discussion of the proposed amendments of the formed committee or members. Later, the presidents of Arab universities toured the main library, grand hall, Omani Studies Centre at Sultan Qaboos University Cultural Centre. — ONA