Another historic day for Oman-Iran relations

928948It is yet another historical day in the relationship between the Sultanate of Oman and the Islamic Republic of Iran when His Majesty Sultan Qaboos received President Dr Hassan Rouhani at Al Alam Palace Guesthouse on Wednesday. The two sides discussed a number of issues related to the growing bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and peoples. The visit, fourth by an Iranian president to the Sultanate, came at a time when peoples of countries in the region were looking forward to more peace, security and stability to focus on building better present and future and keep pace with the rapid developments around them.

His Majesty the Sultan, who visited Iran in August 2009 and August 2013, was the first Arab leader to visit Iran after President Rouhani assumed office. The meeting, which happened within the framework of the continuous exchange of views on different aspects of growing bilateral relations in various fields to achieve the common interests for the two countries, also provided an opportunity to discuss a number of pressing regional issues and the efforts made to reach peaceful solutions. The relationship between Oman and Iran dating back to decades did not happen as a coincidence or due to emergency circumstances. They are rather based on long-term historic relations, joint interests, political will and mutual confidence.
Muscat and Tehran negotiate, coordinate, and implement joint projects across a spectrum of sectors.
Both the countries share the requirements to take advantage of the new economic conditions to help their economies.
The relation is based on better understanding, transparency, abiding by good neighbouring principles, non-interference in the domestic affairs to achieve welfare of peoples and countries of the region.
928951Both the countries maintain good economic relations as they established a naval shipping line. Their trade is expected to increase as it is currently worth about $1.35 billion.
Omani companies target the Iranian market for exports, while Iran sees Oman as a gateway to the Asian and East African markets.
Iran considers Oman as station to deliver its gas to the outside world, especially to Asia.
The Sultanate, as it has always been, is very keen on expanding the horizons of cooperation and friendship relations with the sisterly and friendly countries in the region and the world as well in a bid to enhance opportunities for peace, security, stability and common interests with countries and peoples of the region without prejudice to any of the Sultanate’s relations with other sisterly and friendly countries.
As a result of the Iranian President’s visit to the Sultanate, it is expected that more direct and indirect benefits will be delivered, not only in the Sultanate and Iran, but also to the countries and peoples of the region.