An iftar celebration at the Muttrah fish market

At any time of the day and week, the Muttrah Fish Market is always bustling with activity. Both customers and sellers are in all manner of frenzy to get things done.
On the last days of Ramadhan, there was a different kind of buzz going on. While there were still shared laughter, there was also profound spirit of giving and thankfulness in the air on May 31, Friday, as a group of people from Trivandrum, Kerala the southernmost state of India, arranged an iftar kit not only for the fishermen but some other people who happened to be there that day.
Fish is an important ingredient of Kerala cuisine. There would be hardly any Keralite who would not have visited the Muttrah Fish Market, which today operates from a renovated award winning architectural delight located in Muttrah just like it used to many decades ago.
“We felt this would be the ideal place to be part of the Ramadhan experience — the fishermen community. For sure we wanted to make and distribute Ramadhan kits and speaking with our friends we felt the ideal place would be at the fish market,” said Sreekumar Nair, one of the participant.
It is with this running idea when their friend Salim al Balushi came up with the idea and spoke to the members at the Muttrah Fish Market.
Salim al Balushi said, “We have the fishermen come here to sell their fish. Along the side, we also have the vegetable market. When you visit the place, one would realise there are people who have been working here for decades.”
With a pleasant surprise, the Team arrived with iftar kits at the Muttrah Fish Market and Vegetable Market. They handed the kits to everyone around gathering stories from some of the recipients of how long they had been making their living in the area.
It became a colourful exchange not only of gifts but of information and fun conversations.
While it may have the tail end of Ramadhan, memories were still being made.
For the organisers, they believe that people are in a constant search to be able to give back to different communities. Ramadhan was a month that inspired people to share and that has been the case with an expatriate group who called themselves as Team.
In their wishes to be part of the Ramadhan experience, they have delighted their recipients creating a bond and a deep understanding with a community who has been in existence for decades.