Amazon targets youngsters with Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon has a new Echo Dot smart speaker in store, designed specifically for kids. The Echo Dot Kids Edition features parental controls and a kid-friendly Alexa.
Many kids nowadays are more tech-savvy than their parents and they know their way around all sorts of devices. They grow up with smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, smart home devices and more, with technology all around them.
With the new Echo Dot Kids Edition, Amazon wants to help kids have more innovative experiences suitable for their age, with kid-friendly features and support.
The new Echo Dot Kids Edition features the same overall design as the standard Echo Dot, but it now boasts a colourful case and a two-year warranty that guarantees a free replacement if the unit suffers any damage.
Since kids can occasionally be clumsy and drop the device, bump it or spill drinks on it, replacements free of charge should make for an appealing proposition.
The Echo Dot Kids Edition is $30 more expensive than the regular Echo Dot, coming in at $79.99. It’s available in blue, red, and green colour options, and it’s now up for pre-order, set to start shipping on May 9.
The kids-focused Echo Dot also brings a new Alexa experience with Amazon FreeTime, which includes parental controls to make the digital assistant more kid-friendly.
These controls include bedtime limits, filters for which songs kids can and can’t play, blocked voice purchasing, and household communications. Moreover, Alexa can also handle educational Q&As, and kids are encouraged to say “please.”
“Now Alexa is a kid-friendly DJ, comedian, and storyteller — and she’s always getting smarter,” touts Amazon.