Al Wusta Wild Reserve to be open for visitors

The Office of the Conservation of the Environment at the Royal Court of Oman will allow citizens, residents, interested visitors, researchers and photographers to visit the protected area of Al Wusta Wildlife Reserve. The visit permit will be available from the upcoming holidays (December 3-5) for two weeks in accordance with the rules and guidelines.
This protected area in Haima covers an area of ​​about 2,824 square kilometers and is known for its population of Arabian Oryx, Arabian Gazelle and Ibex, among others.

Visitors have been urged to follow the general guidelines and regulations for their own safety and also that of the wildlife population. A few guidelines are listed below.

1.  Visitors are requested to provide a copy of proof of identity such as the ID or resident card or the valid visa page (non-Omanis).

2. Only four-wheel vehicles will be allowed to safety purposes.

3. The visit is allowed from 7 am to 11 am and from 3pm to 5pm.

4. Speed regulations should be followed while driving in the reserve

5. It is prohibited to carry weapon to the reserve.

6. No geological or archaeological materials should be collected from the reserve

7.  Images not to be published in any social media forums.

8. Tourist guide service should be availed for the safety of visitors

9. Access allowed only to areas permitted by the competent officer to ensure the safety of visitors.

10. Visitors should ensure that they carry adequate food and drinking water

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