Al Nasr-Al Suwaiq Super Cup clash to start season

MUSCAT, August 8 – HM Cup champions Al Nasr will face off with Omantel league champions Al Suwaiq in Super Cup on Friday to kick start the Oman football season 2018-19. The match will kick-off at 8 pm in Salalah’s Al Saada Sports Complex. The Omantel league will begin on August 17. Shaikh Salim bin Oufait al Shanfari, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality, will be the chief guest for the match in presence of Salim al Wahibi, Chairman of Oman Football Association (OFA) and top officials.
The OFA has completed the arrangements for the Super Cup to be held in Salalah through a special preparation committee presided over by Shaikh Shabib al Hosni, Assistant General Secretary of OFA, with the professional league director among the members. The OFA has coordinated with Oman Charity Organisation that the revenues of the tickets will go for the people who were affected from last cyclone ‘Mekunu’ that hit Dhofar last June.
Meanwhile, Al Nasr geared up for the match by taking part in a friendly international tournament recently. The tournament featured teams from Arab and Gulf countries. On the other hand, Al Suwaiq players continued their daily training sessions at home and some players who played in the Military League stayed in Salalah to join the team.
“We are ready for Super cup match as all the preparations have been done according to the scheduled plan set by head coach Emad al Deen KhanKan, Mountaser Setabouha from the technical committee and Fawzi Basheer as team manager,” Shaikh Amer al Shanfari, Chairman of Al Nasr club, said.
Al Shanfari pointed out that the actual preparations of the team started a week ago and then team participated in the Salalah international tournament. In this tournament, Al Nasr played series of matches against Al Gharafah from Qatar, Al Esmaili from Egypt and Safaqes from Tunisia. He mentioned that the friendly matches proved handy for the technical committee to shape up the team.
“We hope to have a strong start in the beginning of the season. The team finished previous season by clinching the coveted title of HM cup and reached to the top teams in the league table,” the chairman of Al Nasr club concluded.
Abdullah al Adwani, Chairman of Al Suwaiq club, stated that the board members gave all the authority for the head coach Ali al Khanbashi to select the right players for the teams. He said the team had some training sessions on last few days at home. The team also played some friendly matches with some local clubs. Chief referee Safwan al Azri will be officiating the match with assistant team comprising Mohammed al Alawi, Qais al Hajri and Mohammed al Mayahi as fourth referee.