Al Nahdha Hospital excels in fight against Covid-19

The medical team dedicated to combating Cov id-19 at Al Nahdha Hospital that has been rendering services 24X7 recently received special praise from the Ministry of Health (MoH).

This is one of the main hospitals tasked with the great national cause.

The team headed by Dr. Hamed al Harthy, executive director, has so far attended several positive 19 patients and some of them left the hospital after a successful recovery.

“We have carried out scores of tests so far and also handled both positive and negative cases till now”, said Dr. Al Harthy.

On preparations at the hospital, he said elaborate changes to the existing structure and systems were to help support the nation in treating and controlling the spread.

“We divided our emergency department into two separate areas, one to receive the COVID-19 cases and the other to receive normal cases. They are following guidelines while managing the cases”, he said, adding that the team goes by the principles of avoiding infection to non-COVID case-patients while admitting treating and transporting the cases.

The hospital received a PCR machine which is a Polymerase chain reaction testing that allows the team to get results in a couple of hours against the previous one where it was longer for the results to arrive to the hospital.

“Prior to the introduction of the PCR machine, we were sending the specimen to the Central Laboratory and results took nearly 48 hours whereas we are now able to give it in a few hours”, Dr. Al Harthy said.

Special attention is given to the health and safety of the doctors, nurses and other health workers as their health matters more and they are educated and trained on a regular basis on the safety and the utilisation of the PPEs as the hospital lays prime importance in the health and safety of the healthcare workers.

“Our facilities are accessible for any person symptomatic to COVID-19 to get a test done any time of the day”, adds Doctor Hamed.

Health workers who are working with COVID-19 cases directly wear PPE set that isolates them and ensures their safety during the delivery of care, where infected patients are given life-saving treatment.

“Constant training and education added with huge volumes of information and expertise are put into action in order to serve the COVID-19 patients”.

Al Nahdha Hospital adopts a strict protocol to protect the medical and auxiliary medical staff, and the hospital gives top priority to staff safety. It does not compromise on the quality of care and precautions taken in every visit to the patients.

When the world is witnessing the COVID-19 predator and victim news on a daily basis, these frontline warriors in the battle, the doctors, nurses, paramedics and administration staff are standing head and shoulders above the rest in readying to sacrifice for the sake of the society.

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