Al Hajar to experience more rains next week

More rain is expected in the Al Hajar Mountains and the adjoining areas starting this weekend with the actual impact to be experienced on Saturday.
Clear to partly cloudy skies are expected over most of the Sultanate on Friday with a chance of convective clouds development and isolated rain occasionally thunderstorms associated with fresh wind and hail over Musandam governorate and al Hajar Mountains and adjoining wilayats during the afternoon.

“An upper wave of low pressure, which can be described as a trough, could enhance the cloud formations of Al Hajar Mountains,” said the weather expert at the Oman Met Office, Public Authority of Civil Aviation.
According to him, the amount of rain however is expected to be the same as experienced in the last three to four days.
Meanwhile no weather system is expected from the Arabian Sea. Many were under the impression that a system could develop over the Arabian Sea.
The weather forecaster clarified, “This has nothing to do with the Arabian Sea. The upper wave of low pressure could have an effect on Al Hajar and the impact can be experienced across the western and eastern sides of the mountain range and in the adjoining areas as well.”
As rains are expected there is also an alert on wadis — in case of heavy rains the public is urged to avoid wadis. Another weather expert explained, “People tend to underestimate the wadi flow.”
The Met Office has warned about poor visibility during thunderstorm, rain and fog formations and strong downdraft wind during thunderstorms rain.
The weather forecast indicate that there will be chances for either low level clouds or formation of fog patches along the coastal areas of Oman Sea and Arabian Sea.
“Along the coastal areas of Oman Sea winds will be easterly to northeasterly light to moderate during the day becoming variable light at night, and along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea winds will be southwesterly moderate to fresh, while over rest of the sultanate winds will be easterly to Southeasterly light to moderate,” stated the weather forecast.
The highest temperature expected are at Al Amerat and Rustaq forecast to touch 42 degree Celsius followed by Samail with 41 degrees Celsius and at 40 degree Celsius in Fahud and Sur. Jabal Shams, Jabal Samhan are the coolest with a high of 23 degree Celsius and expected to go down to 15 and 18 degrees Celsius.