Al Batinah land port project to start by Dec

Muscat, July 1 – Marafi Company of the Oman Global Logistics Group (Asyad) disclosed that the construction work at the land port in South Al Batinah may commence before the end of this year. A usufruct agreement with the Khazaen Economic City has reached the final stage. The land port will be linked to the Sultanate’s sea ports offering promising opportunities for local logistic firms. This was stated by Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Abri, CEO of Marafi. He added that the project will be implemented in a phased manner in partnership with local investors operating in the logistic sector.
The port will be constructed on 100,000 sq metres at a cost of RO 25 million in the first phase which will be increased to 250,000 sq metres over in years. The project, expected to be completed in a year and a half, will offer ample opportunities for local logistic companies as well as being a stepping stone for the establishment of other land ports in the Sultanate, Al Abri said.
The land port is aimed to facilitate the transport of containers from the Port of Sohar and other ports, upgrade the capacity of transport, expedite clearance and reduce the total cost for the traders, Al Abri said adding that Marafi is making success in the local market and seeks to upgrade the capacity of the Sultanate’s ports to meet the needs of the local market and the growing trade activities both regionally and internationally.
The company has embarked on development plans at the ports of Shinas, Al Suwaiq and Khasab to keep pace with the government’s logistic strategies.
The company also seeks to operate some quays at the large ports of Suhar, Salalah and Duqm. Besides, it targets a 25 per cent increase in the number of cruise ship arrivals in the next season at the Sultan Qaboos Port and Khasab Port. The future plans include the management and operation of ports outside the Sultanate.

By Hamood al Mahrzi