Al Ansab Wetlands attract visitors

MUSCAT: Dr Abdullah al Harrasi, Chairman of Public Authority for Radio and TV, paid a special visit to Al Ansab Wetlands. During the visit, he was exposed to the most important features of the wild life in the wetlands. He has also walked across the wetlands and came to know the types of Omani birds and trees that visit the area. Dr Abdullah also watched a short film about the progress of the company and the services that the Haya Water provides to the community.
In a statement, he hailed the efforts of Haya Water executive management and its employees for the achievements in the field of wastewater treatment and the expansion of Haya Water services to cover all Oman except Dhofar. This brings pride to everyone in Oman especially since these projects are managed by Omanis. He added: “We are proud of the biological diversity witnessed in Al Ansab Wetlands. We were very delighted to watch different types of birds that are unique to these wetlands.”