Al Ameen opens new wholesale shop in Ruwi

MUSCAT: Al Ameen Stores & Refrigeration Company LLC (Al Ameen) has opened a wholesale outlet in Ruwi near Hamriya roundabout.
The new outlet has a large refrigerated warehouse attached to the shop (almost 300 MT and includes a chiller) and provides a selection of frozen and chilled products.
It is a very traditional store with convenient parking space to make customer’s shopping experience time saving and pleasurable.
The new outlet is conveniently located near Hamriya roundabout and close to Al Nadha Hospital and other shops like Supa Sports and Al Fawaris bakery.
Al Ameen is dedicated to quality in every area of their business, and to give customers the best possible prices on local and international brands.
Al Ameen is also respected for their outstanding business ethics and ensuring that all their products are quality and halal compliant.
This outlet has carefully identified the basic SKUs (stock keeping units) which are regularly purchased by households and small businesses like the thousand SKUs found at most supermarkets.
By carefully choosing products based on quality, price, brand, and features, the company offers the best value to members. With efficient buying and keeping costs down, they can pass the savings on to customers. Al Ameen’s concept has been to keep the store very simple and the products very affordable.