Roads linking airport with Muscat Expressway ready

891568MUSCAT: The Muscat Municipality has announced the completion of the link roads between the new Muscat International Airport and Muscat Expressway. Constructed to high engineering and safety standards, the project provides direct connection between the airport and the highway. Besides, the links will serve vital areas such as Ghala Industrial Area, the new centres and installations at Al Irfan area and the existing and upcoming economic projects. The projects will also boost the state’s efforts of urban economics particularly in the adjoining areas of the airport.
The road starts from the 8th intersection of Muscat Expressway passing through the western side of 891747Ghala Industrial Area to the Grand Mosque. The 5-km road has three lanes on each side starts from Muscat Expressway to the airport with four lanes at the intersections and underpasses and five lanes at the exit point of the airport.
The road also has two intersections one of them at Ghala Industrial Area and the other one near Grand Mosque to ease the traffic flow from the road to the airport and highway. Meanwhile, the municipality has recently completed the renovation of the November 18 Road and constructed an intersection and a bridge for the airport entry. The project also involved an expansion of the November 18 Road by adding one more lane on each side to become three lanes on each side starting from the traffic lights at Al Anwar road to the airport bridge.