Ahli Sidab sign agreement with Italian Soccer Academy

MUSCAT, June 23 – Muscat governorate club Ahli Sidab signed an agreement with the Italian Soccer Academy on Saturday at Livatio hotel in Bausher. Dr Marwan bin Juma al Juma, Chairman of Ahli Sidab club signed the contract from the club side while Nicloas Rognoni, Director of the Italian Soccer Academy signed on behalf of the Academy side. The purpose of the agreement is to provide the right platform for the club to have abundant of talented junior level players in the near future. Also, to raise the technical skills of the players under direct supervision of professional coaching staff.
As per the signed contract between both parties, the club will get a series of benefits from the academy including the wide experience of the academy in soccer field, to furnish the technical and high quality technology standards that will assist the club to recall their past memories as one of the top Sultanate clubs. Dr Marwan al Juma affirmed that the idea of cooperation with a specialised football academy was an idea since last November during Oman International Youth Cup competitions which was held in the Sultanate last November. “We are glad today to implement this essential step towards development of football in the club through signing with Italian Soccer Academy and to involve in diversified sports activities. We are looking for many goals to be achieved and to bring the club again as a top team in the Sultanate. The contract is for five years and we hope to continue during the next board as this is a future optimistic plan,” Dr Marwan added.
The signing ceremony included a visual presentation that showed a brief description about the academy and its main targets. The presentation was delivered by Fahad al Tamimi, head of media committee at Ahli Sidab club.
“The Italian Soccer Academy was founded in February 2019 with the goal to find and develop the best young male Omani football player whilst also providing them with high quality football education. This is the third branch for the academy after China and Thailand branches,” Nicloas Rognoni, Director of the Italian Soccer Academy said.
Rognoni added that academy provide professional Italian coaches, mental coaching check, nutritionist check and will send the best players of the club to Italy to gain the required experience. Rognoni pointed out that the academy is a bridge between Oman to Europe countries in terms of trials, marketing Omani players and provide the players real opportunity to change their future.
Rognoni highlighted on the selection criteria to join the academy. He said: “We will give different trials for all the players from different categories. The academy players will be under examination for a period of three to five weeks. The players who will pass the examination will complete the training period in the academy. We will implement Italian system in the training,” Rognoni explained.
The academy director concluded by saying that Oman has many talented players who are required to have a comprehensive and professional training programme to grow and develop their technical skills. “That’s our target and are working hard for that.”