Activate Tam card for digital sign

By Lakshmi Kothaneth — MUSCAT: March 29 – Comex 2017 has become a major platform to convey e-services from various organizations. The National Digital Certification Centre has been activating the Tam service for citizens and expatriates. It just takes seconds to activate the card.  The ID cards are activated with PKI certification right at NDCC’s pavilion at Comex.  The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) — digital certification activation in the ID card takes seconds where the name on the card is verified, followed by finger print, agree on the terms and by choosing a six-digit pin code.
After the authentication, the owner of the card is qualified to sign electronically.  What is installed in the id card are the authentication certificates and electronic signing certificates.   This is also connected to the mobile phones through PKI enabled Sim cards.  This would require a replacement of the normal sim card to a PKI enabled card.  These sim cards are available with Omantel and Ooreedoo and can be processed online  The website provides many services such as verification of the id card whether the id card has PKI feature.
This service of authentication is usually provided at the more than 30 Civil Status Centres via Royal Oman Police in all the governorates.
“The benefits of Tam are security and protection of personal data, authentication of digital identity online without the need of physical appearance, ability to sign any document or application electronically, valid and trusted eSignature with the same legality as regular signature, ability to validate and integrate the signed documents, 24/7 access to government services from everywhere, and saving time and effort along with money,” explained Yahya al Azri, Director of NDCC.
The service that was launched in 2013 is now incorporated by other organizations such as Invest Easy Gateway, Muscat Municipality, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Health, Public Prosecution, Al Raffd Fund, National Center for Statistics and Information and Bank Dhofar and other entities.  Bayan services of Royal Oman Police is also expected to integrate with the services by July.
The Sultanate is hosting the Smart Cities Summit through a joint strategy sponsored by ITA, Oman Broadband Company, Omran Company, the Smart Cities Council- as a supporting partner- and the Fiber Optic Board for homes in the Middle East and North Africa region, as an associate organization.
The summit was characterised by the attendance of some speakers, leaders and experts from more than 25 countries who presented a number of case studies from different parts of the world. The scope of the studies covered namely Sweden, UK, Siri Lank, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, UAE and KSA.
The second day of the conference featured a session presided over by chief executive officers who discussed the concept of smart cities and the major role of the national digital vision in boosting economy.
The second session explored the regional vision of infrastructure and its significance to information technology and telecommunication in smart cities as platforms for innovation, and the main benefits that could be gained by smart cities.