Accept the disruption and plan for a new tomorrow

A few years ago I had gone to a neighbouring country to attend a conference on internet of things.  The whole focus was on how the internet of things and artificial intelligence would cause disruptions and countries that do not catch up could be left behind.

Fast forward to 2020 – forget AI and IoT here is an invisible enemy, a virus that went unnoticed has caused havoc to countries worldwide and health experts continue to search for answers to define it and find an appropriate treatment.

From finance to business changes were seen with online banking and e-Commerce, GPS and so on.  Looking back it seems like it was a preparation for us to handle the worldwide pandemic crisis.  While many professionals were caught holidaying or traveling when the pandemic went to another level with airports closing down, the best part was most people were able to continue to work remotely thanks once again to the internet.

If technology thought it would do the honour of taking us through the disruption it was mistaken, because nature with one wave managed to disrupt but it was technology that led us through the crisis control.  If disruptive technology was considered innovative the current status of the world made entrepreneurs run toward 3D printing and other innovations to mass-produce and the world continue to seek for new services not to forget vaccines.

So what could have taken a while and created a divide if IoT was to have taken its own pace, the pandemic has created equality where everyone is going through the same challenge simultaneously and whatever that will be achieved will be shared.

When people say life will not be the same post-pandemic, it could also mean the fact that the role of technology that we have adapted to will not be reversed.

If anything that will need to be reversed and unlearnt, it would be the stress level and the psychological impact of the pandemic as well as losing loved ones because of it.  Our thought process would need to be refocused; we need to learn to be positive while we learn to practice measures to contain Covid_19.   Fear has to be overcome.

Even the basic factors that would have created happiness such as holidays are countered with questions such as, ‘What will we do?’

It is time to accept the challenge and not look back at how life used to be?  We are going through disruption and let us also accept everything that happens for the best.  If so, let us take the time to prepare for a new tomorrow with a positive mindset.