A noble gesture to mark 50th National Day

Muscat, Nov 15
As the nation gears up to mark the 50th National Day, an expatriate shopkeeper in Ruwi’s Oman Commerical Centre (OCC) is celebrating the landmark occasion with a difference.
He donated the whole stock of sports goods and materials of his shop to the children to pursue their favourite sports.
He did so through Bait al Rahma, a charity and humanitarian NGO, which would be helping him achieve his dream for the National Day.
“Oman is the country that has been giving me a livelihood for the last 25 years and the kind gesture of supporting the local youth is nothing but giving back to the country,” Najeeb Abdurahman, the expatriate shopkeeper from the Indian state of Kerala said.
Najeeb is doing this for the second time in a row. Last year, he donated sporting goods in his shop prior to the National Day and was appreciated by many for his genuine gesture.
“My experience in this country and the love given by the people of this beautiful country hold me here for such a long period. It has been my dream to return back something for the benefit of this nation.”
His donations were received by the representatives of the Bait al Rahma on Sunday. When asked why he didn’t sell these goods off at a discounted price and share the money with the charity institutions, he said that would fetch less money than what he is doing now.