A man of all seasons


Kaushalendra Singh –

He wears several caps at the same time. Professionally, he is a telecommunications engineer but his love for photography is so profound that many people know him as a full-time photographer. Others know him as an astronomer for his love for celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
He is a keen traveller, has a bent of an environmentalist and keeps an aspiration to do some business in which the focus should be more on environment than simple accounting of profit and loss.
A great human being, Awad Said al Sadouni loves to help people out and take risk when it comes to do genuine photography and some out of the track business. He, however, does not want to reveal his business plan telling “it would be too early to announce something which has not taken full shape. Moreover, why should I announce my hard earned plan for others to imitate?” he says when asked to reveal his business plan.
His permanent companions are a big smile on his face, big camera, supporting lenses and a laptop bag, many hard disk memory drives containing thousands of pictures from around the world.


“More I go out of Oman, more I fall in love with my own country. The reasons lie in the sense of peace and a feel of safety and security that I get here. We have wonderful natural places to relax. Still I recommend the youth of the country to visit abroad, see the struggle and then compare. That understanding gives you a real understanding for your country,” says Awad while showing the collection of his photography inside and outside of Oman.
Awad keeps on organising events for astronomers in and around Salalah and loves to attend any such event in region if it comes to his knowledge.
He endorses Dhofar as one of the best locations for stargazing and calls for the destination’s promotion as a stargazers’ destination. “I am not telling this because this is my home. I am telling this after visiting many places and the astronomers who come to Salalah, recommend this place highly for all those who have interest in nature tourism.”
Awad, who is an active member of the Dhofar Astronomical Observatory, endorses Salalah a right place for astronomers. He says it has potential to attract astronomers from around the world with focus on better visibility of celestial bodies due to clear skies amid pollution free atmosphere.
“It is very rare to have such a sky in which movement of stars can be easily noticed with the help of necessary equipment. Infrastructure is also in our favour. We have tarred roads connecting the mountains and country’s safety and security makes it easy for the learners to access the places of their choice and do camping as per their requirement,” he said.
A keen photographer, Awad has huge collection of photographs ranging from nature to landscape, emotion and human reactions. He loves to indulge in photography wherever he goes, as he chooses destinations from photography point of view. He is a widely travelled man across Europe, Middle East, East Africa and Indian subcontinent. He has won many photography awards and keeps himself updated with the latest technologies and trends. He aspires to do as much as possible for peace and humanity, as he keeps himself camera ready for any good cause.
Pictures by
Awad Said al Sadouni