74.8 mm average rainfall in Sultanate in 2017

MUSCAT: Oman received an average rainfall of 74.8 mm with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius in 2017.
The average wind speed was 6.7 knots and the average humidity 48.6 per cent. During winter, the humidity was a little higher at 51.4 per cent, according to National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).
The highest rainfall of 18 mm was recorded in March 2017.
Statistics show January saw the highest humidity levels when it reached 56.4 per cent. July saw the highest wind speed of 8.4 knots.
Lowest rainfall (0.2 mm) was recorded in October. Lowest average temperature was in December at 20.8 degrees Celsius. Lowest humidity (35.3 per cent) was recorded in April and lowest wind speed (5.3 knots) in January, October and November.
The Governorate of Al Buraimi saw the highest monthly average temperature of 38.4 degrees Celsius in July. It also recorded the highest monthly average rainfall of 88.5 mm in March. The Governorate of North Al Sharqiyah recorded lowest average monthly temperature of 17.6 degrees Celsius in January.
Lowest wind speed was recorded in January in the Governorate of North Al Sharqiyah when it reached 3.6 knots, while Al Wusta saw the highest speed in July, touching 14.3 knots. — ONA