5th ‘Calculate it Right’ workshop held in Ibri

MUSCAT, FEB 18 – The fifth edition of the “Calculate it Right” workshop series was held at the Oman Chamber of Commerce in Ibri last week. These series of workshops come as a result of a cooperation agreement signed between National Finance Company SAOG and Fund for Development of Youth Projects (Sharakah). These workshops are aimed at making business owners better understand how to calculate project cost, sales assumptions, required resources, operational expenses and the cost of capital. Mohammed al Marzouki, Senior Manager, National Finance said: “The workshop was the 5th among the planned upcoming workshops that will be executed.
National Finance Company received positive feedback regarding the previous workshops and there is good demand from community members across Oman to attend the workshop. We are taking into consideration the suggestions we received in the previous workshops to enhance the workshop outcome. Indeed, we have taken this as an opportunity to connect with SMEs all across Oman and introduce them to our services.”
Ismail al Shamli, OCCI Ibri branch manager added: “We welcome to host similar workshops that directly benefit SME owners. Such workshops enable the SMEs to work on their soft skills which in turn leads to positive impact on their business performance. The workshop welcomed those who have an interest in staring their own business and those who existing businesses alike. This will empower them to set their business on the right track from the beginning and help them avoid common mistakes such as overestimating sales or underestimating expenses and risk.”