5-day ‘Entrepreneurship 6’ exhibition from Nov 26

The Organising Committee of the exhibition “Entrepreneurship 6: entitled ‘Enjoy Shopping and Have Fun” announced the details of the sixth version of exhibition which is organised by the General Authority for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (Riyada) in cooperation with the General Authority for Craft Industries, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on November 26-30, at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Around 118 institutions in 9 important and vital sectors will be participating in the exhibition in the following fields: manufacturing, logistics, tourism services, handicrafts, student projects, productive families projects, agriculture projects, IT projects, innovations, oil and gas services.
The exhibition, which is organised annually, aims at highlighting products for small and medium-sized enterprises and productive families, and promoting for their enterprises, building partnerships between large institutions and SMEs, and promoting the culture of entrepreneurship in the community through a number of related activities such as theatre events and modern technologies.
To explore new ways to connect entrepreneurs directly with financiers and investors, Riyada’s talk activity was highlighted in the conference.
The event will be one of the most important events associated with the exhibition in terms of its implementation mechanism, and will enhance cooperation and partnership between large institutions and individual investors and SMEs. The event will include a group of successful SMEs who will discuss their projects and the second activity will be a contest that will result on sponsoring some SMEs by investors.
To support SMEs, one of the distinctive enterprises in the field of children’s education will enrich the creative children’s theatre with a number of activities that will focus on the education of children, Science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
A number of events will be allocated for children in the age of 4 to 6 years like colouring, tower building and others while theatre experience will be allocated for children aged between 7-14 years.