3D artist makes a mark

SALALAH, JULY 17 – The Salalah Tourism Festival 2019 is featuring a 3D artist — Ossama Nasr. He can be seen painting on the ground at Itin Dhofar Municipality Recreation Ground. Ossama is a renowned international artist but he does not carry his paintings for exhibition! He just leaves them behind walls and grounds once he is done! “I was invited by the Dhofar Municipality for a month. And here I have three more paintings to complete,” said the Syrian born Netherlands-based artist.

His large sized paintings look real if you stand at a particular spot which the artist marks. Visitors take time to take pictures by standing on the marked area. Waterfall seemed to be the inspiration but there is also the sitting camel that gets everyone’s attention. But it does not mean he paints only on the ground some of his beautiful collections are painted on the walls in different countries. Ossama is actually specialised in airbrush painting. “But of course you see I do 3D painting with normal paint also.”

Although he is in Salalah during the monsoon the artist does not go out exploring the sites as he is busy painting. His paintings take about 18 (three days) hours to complete. “So I work about 6 hours a day on the paintings. I have three more to go. So I have no time to spare,” he said. But the khareef drizzle does throw surprises at him. “Today I lost a whole sketch. Yesterday I had drawn the whole concept with a chalk. I came in today and there was nothing on the ground. The rain water had washed it off,” he said with a smile.

Ossama’s work station is outdoors right under a blue canopy and this is where he mixes the colours and a few steps away he transforms his thoughts from mind on to earth. He has been 3D painting for about seven years. He works with airbrush usually but here he is using normal paint. “Airbrush here will cause reflection so I have opted for normal paint here,” explained Ossama. More of his paintings can be viewed @ossamanasr85. The artist will complete his session in Salalah by July 24 and then he heads to Saudi Arabia and returns to Netherlands.