34pc workplace injuries from vehicle accidents

Accidents involving vehicles formed the majority 34 per cent of the workplace injuries among Omani employees in the private sector last year.
As per the statistics provided by the Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI), as many as 158 cases of the 454 workplace-related injuries in 2018 were due to vehicle related accidents. Out of this, 22 were women.
At the same time, the report showed that of the total number of injuries, 42 of the victims were women.
It also reported that a total of 119 persons, including 13 women suffered injuries due to falls or slips in the workplace, which constituted 26.2 per cent of the total mishaps. The third major cause for workplace-related injuries among Omanis was getting trapped between or under the debris, in the process affecting 53 workers, including two women.
The other main causes included heavy objects falling on the worker (32), falling from a height (22), hit by moving equipment (15), and injuries caused while using sharp tools.
PASI said the insurance covers Omani workers in the private sector against the risks such as workplace injuries and occupational diseases Social Insurance Law 1/1/1997. The social insurance helps workers with a one-time payment in the case of interruption of work, partial pensions in the event of a full disability of up to 100 per cent.
According to Article 87 of Omani Labour Law, every employer or his representative shall acquaint the worker before employing him with the hazards of his occupation and the protective measures he has to take and shall take the necessary precautions for the protection of the workers during the course of their work against health hazards and the dangers of the work and machinery:
“The employer shall provide whatever is necessary of the conditions of safety and health in the workplaces or the equipment which he provides to the worker to enable them to perform their duties,” the law adds.