1st Oman Hydrogen Symposium on October 9

The ‘1st Oman Hydrogen Symposium’ will be held on Wednesday, October 9, under the auspices of Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications, at the Halban campus of the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech).
Experts will discuss and explore the potential of green hydrogen as a new energy carrier for the Sultanate. The symposium is organised by the Oman Hydrogen Initiative, founded by GUtech and the German company Hydrogen Rise AG. The symposium is supported by the Ministry of Oil and Gas, whose under-secretary, Salim bin Nasser al Aufi, will speak at the event.
The Oman Hydrogen Initiative focuses on the development of hydrogen industries in Oman along with developing and facilitating technological and academic competencies including research in all fields of the hydrogen economy. The Symposium will focus on the potential of green hydrogen for the economic future of Oman and its production, storage, distribution and applications. As the global demand for hydrogen is expected to increase in future, it represents significant export opportunities.
“This is a joint Renewable Energy Initiative to explore and discuss the potential to produce, develop, operate and export hydrogen and related technologies here in Oman. Our main goal is to start and foster a discussion on hydrogen, to be further explored in future workshops. We have invited a number of high-ranking officials and experts in the field of renewable energies, hydrogen and oil and gas in Oman and from abroad,” said Prof Dr Michael Modigell, Rector of GUtech.
To discuss the potential of this “game changing technology” for Oman, local and international government representatives, industry experts and scientists have been invited to speak at the Symposium presenting recent international hydrogen trends, developments and strategies.
Among others, representatives from the Ministries of Economy in Japan and in Germany, two of the leading hydrogen technology nations will share their insight. These trends and the growing demand for hydrogen around the world offer significant export opportunities for an important energy carrier.
As part of the Hydrogen Initiative actions, GUtech is planning to establish a Hydrogen ‘Competence Center’ and further on to build and operate the first green hydrogen pilot plant on campus.