188 killed on Thailand’s roads during holidays

BANGKOK: At least 188 people have been killed and over 1,900 others injured on Thailand’s roads during the first three days of the country’s holiday period, according to government statistics released on Saturday.
At least 3,000 vehicles have been impounded for various infractions, the majority of which were drink-driving offences, according to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.
Over 100,000 people were found to be in violation of drink-driving laws over the first three days of the new year period, which is marked by a holiday from April 12 to April 16, government spokeswoman Sirichan Ngathong said.
Many across the country use the holiday period to return from metropolitan areas to the country side.
The majority of fatalities occur on motorcycles, which are the predominant mode of transportation in the countryside.
Thailand’s traditional new year, known globally as Songkran, began on Friday and continues through the weekend. People celebrate the occasion by splashing each other with water.
 — dpa