15 young Omanis join Shell’s Aviation business

Shell Oman has recruited 15 Omani jobseekers, including six female employees, to support its growth in the Shell Aviation business. In line with the nation’s efforts to create employment opportunities for the Omani youth, Shell Oman has been demonstrating commitment to its strategy of having an outstanding Omanisation rate of approximately 90 per cent, including the executive management team.
The company has begun the year by adding 15 young Omanis in various operational, administrative and outdoor roles in the aviation business. The recent signing of an agreement for operating fuel farm facilities at the new Muscat International Airport has played a significant role in creating these opportunities.
Essam al Busaidi, HR & Admin Manager, commented: “Shell Oman is known for its outstanding commitment to local talent development, Omanisation policy, and diversity and inclusiveness, which have been remarkably showcased this time with 6 talented young Omani women joining the Aviation business in Muscat.” He added, “This success is even more meaningful given that, traditionally speaking, the aviation refueling industry has not been a magnet for female talents.”
Hafidh al Ismaili, Aviation, Marine and Bitumen Country Manager at Shell Oman added: “Shell Oman is determined to stay on course with continuously creating value for Oman, and supporting the national agenda to diversify the economy in the future, where logistics and tourism sectors are expected to be significant contributors to the GDP.”