110 electoral centres to receive voters from 7 am

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Interior confirmed on Saturday that all the 110 electoral centres in the Sultanate are ready to receive voters from 7 am on Sunday to elect their representatives for the ninth term of Majlis Ash’shura.
Salim bin Humaid al Hajri, Adviser at the Office of the Interior Minister, and head of the Preparation Committee for the ninth Majlis Ash’shura elections, said in a statement to Oman News Agency that all members of the organising, voting and counting committees in all the wilayats are present at the polling stations since Friday morning to ensure the readiness of the election centres.
The organising and voting committees have completed the installation of billboard that regulate entry and exit of voters, numbering of halls, preparation of parking lots as well as other regulatory procedures that facilitate the electoral process.
Al Hajri stressed that voting is the right of every citizen registered with the electoral register and they are entitled to exercise their franchise with full transparency and freedom.
The Ministry of Interior has chosen the slogan Sawtak Amana ‘your vote is a trust’ which indicates that, by exercising the right to vote, the voters will contribute to the development and welfare of their country, Al Hajri said, calling on all eligible voters to head to the polling stations to elect whoever they see is capable of shouldering the responsibility during the upcoming term of Majlis Ash’shura.
Al Hajri stressed that the success of the electoral process will be achieved through the cooperation of the voters with the organising committees and their compliance to the rules and regulations set by the ministry, particularly at peak times.
The official added that the voters will get all help from the organising committee members who will do everything possible to enable the voters to cast their ballots easily and conveniently. He added that the organising committees have allocated convenient waiting lounges at the polling stations.
All the e-voting machines will be shut down at 7 pm on Sunday and the printed e-voting forms will be collected in secured envelopes and handed over to the head of the counting committee, Al Hajri said.
Counting will take place after checking the number of devices according to the distribution of electoral centres in each wilayat, and making sure of the number of e-voting machines which are closed in each polling station. Besides, it should be ascertained that the head of the election committee in the respective wilayat as well as the candidates or their representatives are present prior to the start of the counting process, the official said.