11-year-old succumbs to cancer, but lives forever

Muscat, Dec 17 – Eleven-year-old Maysoon bint Hamoud al Rawahi lost her battle with cancer, leaving thousands of people grief-stricken in the Sultanate. Maysoon, who was receiving treatment abroad for the disease, died on Monday.
Having won more than 45,000 followers on Instagram through her smile, the girl was known for her love of life and positive outlook.
She often aired her views on her account, spreading hope and optimism.
One of her last statements was, “Fight because you deserve victory even if you get stuck and suffer. Fight because you are a great person who tries a thousand times. Fight for yourself, life is worth living with all its pleasures.” “God does not delay anything but for good, and does not deprive you of anything but for good, and do not make you suffer but for good. So, do not be sad, the Lord of good brings only good things,” Maysoon had said in one of her posts.
She was suffering from the disease since 2016, when she was diagnosed with bone cancer for the first time. But she had managed to overcome it. Three months later, the disease spread to other parts of the body, including the lung, which proved fatal.