1,000 affordable homes in Barka for Omani youths

Plans for the implementation of Oman’s first Model Residential Quarters Project — a government-driven initiative to provide affordable housing to young Omanis — are set to make further headway with a shortlist of developers bidding for the mandate to develop a substantial pilot at Barka.
An estimated 1,000 houses are proposed to be offered on a roughly 350,000 sq metre-site just off the Expressway in Barka. Spearheading the Model Residential Quarters initiative on behalf of the government is the Supreme Council for Planning, which has been collaborating with the Ministry of Housing, among other stakeholders, in the delivery of affordable housing for the burgeoning numbers of young Omani men and women waiting for parcels of government land to build their homes. An estimated half a million nationals are on Housing Ministry waitlists for the allocation of residential land parcels. Omanis opting for housing offered as part of the Model Residential Quarters projects will have to waive their entitlement to these parcels.