10-year-old’s love for environment wins accolades

Salalah: It was a pleasant surprise for everyone who found a boy crying for the lost gloves while working to weed out a hugely invasive plant Parthenium, which is found in Dhofar. His innocent reaction for the lost gloves took the attention of social media and no sooner had it flashed, the Chairman of the Environment Authority took note of it and asked the officials of the Environment Authority in Salalah to reach out to the boy and honor him with a new set of gloves and a dress as a mark of encouragement for his ‘great job’ of conservation of environment.

Some citizens in Dhofar have launched a drive against the Parthenium plant due to its highly invasive nature. It has been growing very fast, suppressing other native plants and destroying the soil also. Impressed with the stories which he heard from his parents, the 10-year-old Osama Mohammed Ahmed Qaitoon al Shahri decided to join the campaign. He, however, misplaced his gloves while working.

Thinking that he would no longer be part of the campaign, started crying inconsolably. Some curious participants recorded his innocence and posted on social media accounts.

It reached quickly to Dr. Abdullah bin Ali bin Abdullah al Amri, the newly appointed Chairman of Environment Authority. He asked some officials in Salalah to contact Osama and provide him a new set of gloves.

Talking to Observer Dr. Abdullah al Amri said, “It was a pleasant surprise to me as soon as I saw the clipping. I took it as a great message for the conservation of the environment being passed by a 10-year-old young boy. It is very important to understand the value of the environment and if people start understanding, most of our problems are solved. I appreciated the boy, his innocence, and his commitment to the environment.”

Dr. Al Amri also appreciated the social activities of the people involved in the eradication of the parthenium plant and called everyone to work for the conservation of the environment.

In an earlier statement, the Environment Authority had reiterated its commitment to address the issue.

“The Environment Authority appreciates all the efforts made by community members in Dhofar Governorate and public and private entities to combat the Parthenium plant. In this regard, the Authority will form, with the relevant

authorities, a working group to support the efforts and study what this plant is, the reasons for its spread, and the extent of its impact on the environment,” said the statement.