10 days on, lockdown proves to be a success

MUSCAT: Ten days since the Sultanate announced night lockdown as a measure to contain the spread of coronavirus it has been proved that the lockdown has been successful with the support from both citizens and residents.

The Supreme Committee lauded the cooperation of the citizens and the residents for adhering to lockdown rules and regulations and abiding by the instructions on how to keep themselves away from the virus.

Oman imposed a lockdown from July 25 till August 8 as a way to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

“We are beginning to see a drop in cases these days and precautionary measures like lockdown are initiated to reduce the rate of infections by at least 60 per cent and make Oman COVID-19 free”, Dr Saif al Abri, Director General of Diseases Surveillance and Control, had told Oman TV.

However, with people spending more time at home, there has been a number of positive results of the lockdown, according to many respondents whom we approached.

Amr Mehdy, business development expert, believes that although COVID-19 has impacted us negatively for many years to come, it has some positive sides as well, which will help us live happy. He believes that the most important positive result of the COVID-19 is that families have come closer than ever, and we have realised so many unnecessary or false needs.

“Yet another important aspect I realised is the self-confrontation, which many of us used “no time” excuse to delay many goals and objectives, and now time is available, but still no progress, thus it is clear to them that time is not the issue anymore and it is all about dedication and setting priorities”, said Amr.Muneer Thazhe Purayil, a teacher with Tabarak Private School, believes that the lockdown has completely changed his routine and helped him learn several games with his children, cementing the bond even stronger.

“Night lockdown has also encouraged me to help my wife in cooking and learn and try several recipes with her support which has become really enjoyable in times of stress. The bonus of the lockdown is that I was able to collect many books and read new titles”, adds Munir. However, there are some who feel that there is no positive impact of the COVID-19 beyond its negative results.“I feel the positive side of corona is nothing but lockdown is totally a different experience. This is helping our environment and habitat by reducing pollution to the maximum”, Reena, an airline official said.