Zubair SEC beneficiary launches renovated showroom

MUSCAT, MAY 29 – In line with its strategy to facilitate business expansion, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) has extended help to one of its members to expand her business. The beneficiary, Jamela Hamed Said al Seyabi, founder of Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya, has now embarked on expansion and renovation of her company’s showroom and a new warehouse. She is a winner of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for the year 2016. Her company Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya imports and distributes doors and accessories for commercial and residential projects. Jamela expanded her workspace, renovated her showroom and launched warehouse using Direct Support Programme fund she had received from Zubair SEC.
Adel Hubeishi, Senior Advisor, Zubair SEC said, “As part of the support extended by Zubair SEC, Jamela recently launched her newly expanded showroom which is now double the size it was and has been completely renovated. We also helped her build a warehouse on the empty land she owned. Since she launched, her business has been blooming and growing in volume and capacity. That is why we felt it was important for her to expand her space. Zubair SEC continuously engages with its members to understand their needs and business challenges.”
Thanking Zubair SEC, Jamela said, “Zubair SEC members like me have benefited immensely from the variety of services it renders. The centre has played a crucial role in my success as an entrepreneur. The centre remains a strong supporter of SMEs and has been a champion of new business ideas.”
To help better quip her with industry knowledge, Zubair SEC had earlier sent Jamela to attend a construction and building material exhibition in Turkey. The objective of sending Jamela to one of Turkey’s largest exhibitions was to expose her to the latest products, new trends, technologies and innovations. In line with its strategy to facilitate business development opportunities Zubair SEC has also enabled an agreement between Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya and Samail Comprehensive Enterprises Corporation. As per the terms of the agreement Samail Comprehensive Enterprises Corporation will sell and market products of Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya.