Zubair leadership programme successfully concludes

Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) recently conducted the closing ceremony of another successfully completed Module of its Executive Leadership Development Programme (ELDP). The Module focused on ‘Leading Through Creativity & Innovation’, the froth out of eight modules of the ELDP, a programme that is one of its kind in Oman, and was certified by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) — USA.
‘The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) has made a serious commitment to innovation and this dedication has taken its management team to recognise the importance of innovation across the group and make significant investment in the development of its innovation capabilities’, believe partners engaged in the implementation of the ongoing Executive Leadership Development Programme (ELDP).
ELDP is an initiative aimed at developing the high calibre employees of Zubair Group of companies as part of the group’s talent management programme initiative SEED. The ELDP, which is a programme designed in-house by the Z-Corp team, has set a new standard for corporate leadership development in the Sultanate. The ELDP is a holistic, rotational two years programme designed to equip participants with hands-on experience in different key roles across the group. The ELDP consists of several modules, covering a broad aspect of leadership subjects including, strategy, innovation, leadership, risk management and corporate social responsibility.
The closing ceremony started with a welcome and congratulatory message from Hani Mohammed al Zubair, Board Member, Head of HR Committee, who expressed his pleasure on the progress of the ELDP programme and applauded the participants on successfully completing four modules to date, into the programme. Following this, a keynote presented by Professor Ron, who spoke to the talents via web conference from Boston, USA. Professor Ronald Jonash, highly regarded innovation guru and chairman of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), said that the Zubair Corporation was ready to make “innovation” part of its everyday activity.
GIMI had conducted an innovation leadership programme for all the major leaders of all the Zubair group companies, where it focused on innovation leadership and how to become innovation leaders in the region.
After the key note, Carlos Guevara, the Partner at ShiftIN Partners, the consulting firm selected by the Z-Corp as strategic partner for this initiative execution, gave the audience a brief overview of the ELDP talents performance, provided a brief on the ROI achieved from this initiative as on date, and next step plan.
Stressing that Z-Corp has made a serious commitment to innovation, Guevara said, “This commitment has taken the leadership team to recognise the importance of innovation across the group and to make significant investment in the development of its innovation capabilities. This course is an evidence of such commitment. From the business side, my prediction is that we will start to see the development of an innovation pipeline that will drive the future growth of the Zubair Corporation.”
Talking of ShiftIN Partners association with Z-Corp, Guevara added, “We have been working together since 2015 when we facilitated the certification of the whole management team on Innovation Management, becoming the first organisation across the GCC obtaining this global recognition by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI). We are very proud of counting Z-Corp among our clients and we are happy to continue developing new areas of collaboration.”
Speaking of Z-Corp’s dedication, Prof Jonash who is also Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Hult International Business School said, “Z-Corp made a commitment two years ago to make innovation part of their firm and now they are acting on that.” He added, “They are making sure their leadership and high potential future leaders are all capable and confident in driving more innovative initiatives in the future.”