Zubair Foundation welcomes season’s first cruise ship

MUSCAT: Located at the heart of Muscat, Bait Al Zubair Foundation boasts of its contemporary Omani architecture buildings and its rich collection of Oman’s heritage and tradition. Launching its new identity in its focus on youth and upholding a modern, cultural atmosphere, as well as promoting Omani heritage in the local and international scenes, Bait Al Zubair’s new brand still represents its history as an Omani family house that preserves and displays Oman’s rich cultural history.
On Saturday, October 21, Bait Al Zubair welcomed the first cruise ship of the season, with tourists from different parts of the world. Approximately 90,000 guests from the UK, Germany, France and other European and Asian countries visit Bait Al Zubair annually.
The number of visitors who come to Bait Al Zubair drastically went up to more than 20 per cent from the same quarter of the previous year, making its share in the tourism sector a successful one.
With the aim of bridging Omani heritage to people across the globe, encouraging young talented Omani artists to exhibit their works as well as connecting them to other artists in the international level, Bait Al Zubair Foundation is set to continuously provide and establish new cultural initiatives in the coming months.