Youths strive to bring back ancient falaj to its former glory

MUSCAT: Youths from the Wadi Al Meh in the Wilayat of Al Amerat have organised a campaign to clean and restore the biggest falaj in the area located in Al Raja’a area.
The campaigners deployed their own resources and efforts to bring the ancient falaj to its former glory following years of damage caused by powerful torrents pouring down from mountain top destroying several parts of the falaj and rendering it inoperative.
Falling rocks and debris have over the years blocked the stream specially that there has been no specific entity to check for defaults and rectify them straight away. The clean-up and maintenance operations spanned a 4-kilometre area.
With depths ranging between 3 to 10 metres, the falaj irrigates a vast cultivated area and provides highly-quality drinking water.
— Pictures by Khalfan al Ruzaiqi