Youth creativity panel announces dates for various competitions

The Youth creativity committee at the Sports Affairs Department in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate held a meeting at the Sports Complex in Nizwa on Wednesday to draw for the stage competitions.
The meeting was attended by Saleh al Maani, director of the Sports Affairs Department in Al Wusta Governorate, representatives of youth committees in clubs and Izki Sports Centre.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the second stage and announce the dates of the competitions after the end of the first stage held at the club level.
All the clubs of Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, and Izki Sports Centre, which participated for the first time in the youth creativity competition, participated in most of the fields presented, for both categories and for both genders in which 2,184 participants took part in the competitions.
The committee expressed its satisfaction for the interaction achieved and the participation of the clubs. The panel also thanked the people in charge of the youth committees in the clubs.
The second stage of the club competition for youth creativity, which will be held at the end of this month was discussed. The competitions evaluated at the level of the two governorates were reviewed for the two categories.
The competitions will be held for poetic speech, public speaking, poetry contest, cultural competition (Omaniat) for the first age group (10-15) years. The cultural competition (evidence of history), sports commentary contest, Al Sheelah art competitions for the age group (16-25) years, the public speaking, formal language poetry and slang poetry competition, and theatre for the age group (18-30) years.
During the meeting, the committee announced the dates and locations of the implementation of the competitions, where the second stage will begin with the cultural competition (Omaniat, history evidence) for the two ages on Sunday, February 23 at Nizwa Sports Complex.
The public speaking contest, and formal language poetry and slang poetry competition will be on Monday, February 24, 25 in Nizwa Fort (Al Shahba).
The public speaking, Al Sheelah art, and sports commentary competition will be held on February 25, Thursday at Nizwa Grand Mall.
As for the theatre competition, it will be held for three days, with two plays each day during the period February 27-29. Theatrical performances will be held at Al Shahba Theatre at the University of Nizwa.
A draw of lots was held to determine days of each plays, and the results were as follows.
Fanja Club will launch the first theatrical performances entitled (House Games) on Thursday February 27 and Al Bashaier Club will present the second play entitled (Closed Vortex) on the same day.
The performances will continue on Friday, February 28, the first theatrical performance will be from Al Hamra Club, entitled (The Strangulation), and the second theatrical performance for Nizwa Club, entitled (Our Village Girl).
On Saturday, February 29, the first theatrical performance for Bahla Club, entitled (Al Galbah), and the final performance for Samayil Club, entitled (Bedou Band), will be held.
Hashel al Naabi, head of the committee, said: “We are happy with the participation in the first stage of clubs from Al Dakhiliyah Governorate. The jury for the various competitions is neutral and their competencies are high.”
Youth creativity committee in Al Dakhiliyah consisting of Hashel al Naabi, Chairman of the Committee, and members Muslim al Rabaani, Sultan al Hinai, Muhammed al Rashdi and Muza al Sibaniya, also took part.