‘Youth Creation’ program use Zoom to organise annual competition

The Ministry of Sports Affairs represented by the “youth creation” programme conducted the last stage of the yearly competition programme through the Zoom application.

The top winners will be recognized through technology. This step came as a result of implementation of the instructions raised by the supreme committee to deal with COVID-19 and to the Ministry’s instructions to avoid any gathering due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

The competitions which were supposed to be completed in March every year- postponed till June due to the current situation of the spreading of the coronavirus. The final round of the competition programme commenced on Sunday with poetry filled until Wednesday.  The public speaking competition will be held on Thursday while the Q&A competitions (Omaniat) on June 7 and 8.

As many as ten qualified participants competed on Sunday and Monday for poetry competitions. The judging panel evaluated all the participants from different clubs by allowing them to represent for a few minutes at the Zoom application. Aqeel al Lawati, a member of the judging panel said that this year’s competition implemented remotely for safety reasons due to the current situation.

“ It was an opportunity to deal with the technology means as well as it allows for others to see the competition live from their laptop or Smartphone safely at home. Thanks for the technical team efforts for professional organisaton and arrangement. A dedicated thanks to the Ministry of Sports Affairs for conducting this yearly competition,” he added.

The youth creation competition programme for this season 2019/2020, run by the ministry in cooperation with sports clubs, aimed to develop the youth creation at the clubs and identification of the creative and talented members from the clubs in different fields.

Moreover, the programme provides the right environment for the top youth members in the clubs to improve their skills and experience. The programme targeted different age categories including: (10-15), (16- 25) and (18-30).