Youth and unfair battle with drugs…

Our life is very valuable to be lost or wasted in chasing things of no significance! It is even more important than to be sacrificed for worthless materialistic stuff that can be of harm to one’s life. We live our life just once, thus it should be well-invested and carefully breathed. Once you inhale air, you can’t guarantee that you can exhale it out later; it could be the last moment of your life.
Life might come to an end at any second of time; hence it’s just a matter how serious you are about managing your life and making it more fruitful and decent. I don’t think that any of us would love to have a tough time or experience a miserable day. Everyone wishes to have a happy, prosperous and successful life. Just try to avoid things that spoil your happy days; live the moment and enjoy it as much as possible.
The past days have gone and become history and focus should be on today’s life. Either, you enjoy it or you waste it; it’s your call, of course! As our day-to-day life is being impacted nowadays with modern technology, lot of people are getting trapped in practicing extremely bad things that turn their lives into psychological, social and monetary war and misery. They become victims of their own desires, slip-ups and ignorance.
Among the most common issues affecting the lives of many people are addiction of drugs. These psychotropic substances are widely available today and could be easily reached. Many youth, in particular, have surrendered their lives to drugs; it became crucial to them. It is addiction and their misconception that drags them to believe on drugs as a relief. However, drugs are the reason behind their failure and depressed life.
Nowadays drug addiction has a big impact on society. Parents have lost their sons; couples are getting divorced and families are being separated because of drug crisis. Such poisons are the key reason behind many health problems, social and financial issues for families. However, thankfully commendable efforts are being made by the National Committee for Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances along with other authorities concerned in the Sultanate which are sparing no efforts to combat drugs. The number of drugs users is frightening as it is increasing every day. Many other addicts are even scared to get registered and monitored as well as offered professional treatment by specialised institutes. The committee’s records indicate that there are thousands of addicts in the Sultanate and some of them are women with most of them are youth. Accordingly, thousands of drugs crimes are being reported by the Royal Oman Police too.
Since the Royal Decree was issued forming this committee in 1999, various initiatives have been made to combat drugs, treat all those who get addicted and provide relevant essential health services. All these efforts have been collectively introduced in cooperation with all the parties concerned including ROP, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Health and others.
Special state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, social, psychological and awareness programmes, comfortable homes, dedicated clinics and devoted counsellors and consultants are offered for the addicted people who undergo treatment or those interested to start giving up drugs forever. Besides, 24 psychological clinics are spread over all the governorates to provide initial consultation and diagnoses for the addicted or suspected people.
The efforts of the government, individuals as well as public associations should be seriously joined to fight this social and health issue. Otherwise, drugs will aggressively attack youth who are the backbone of the nation. Public associations, sports clubs, mosques and youth camps should contribute in combating drugs in the country. All parties will definitely play a vital role towards youth guidance and counselling. One for all and all for one towards combating drugs.