Youngsters steal show at traditional food court

Muscat, Jan 31 – The traditional food court at Al Amerat, one of the venues of Muscat Festival, is always busy. One can see younger members of the families specialising in Omani cuisine coming up with innovative ways to cater to consumers’ demands. The Omani khuboos, Rakhal, is sold for 400 baisas and this time around, they come with a variety of toppings. The Rakhal bread has cheese toppings as well as ghee, besides Nutella and Chips Oman. Amy, a resident of Oman, visited the festival with her mother, who found it an ideal place to experience the Omani culture. “I call it the Omani Crepe or Omani Pancake. My crepe has egg topping; my son liked it stuffed with Chips Oman.”
Her mother agreed, “I simply enjoyed it.”
Meanwhile, the line at the food stalls got longer and longer. The Omani halwa corner is another busy place that sees customers waiting patiently for their turn to purchase the flavour of their liking.
On the other end of the food court are popular Omani sweets such
as Mahu, Kabeesa and coconut-based delicacies packed in stylish packages.
“Dates are making a special entry, this time as sweets covered in sesame seeds or as stuffing in biscuits. But the traditional fruit dates and the sweet made from dates, called Kabeesa, are still the favourite,” said Anas bin Salem al Hinai and Suleiman bin Khalaf al Shamahi, who are from Bahla.
Asked about the secret behind the huge crowds, Mufida al Kharoosi and Gaith al Kasibi said: “We have sweets such as Mahu along with other new attractions, but we also have Omani pickles such as salted lime and other vegetables.”
They are not on social media as yet. Their major platform is the current Muscat Festival, but they are going to look at social media to cash in on the popularity they are currently enjoying.
The youngsters have left their signature. “The youngsters use the same ingredients such as coconuts and dates. It is so encouraging to see the young ones in the family come up with innovative preparations and marketing,” said Khalid al Haribi, Public Authority for SMEs — Riyada, who was exploring the Muscat Festival.

Lakshmi Kothaneth