Young Omanis venture into graphic design

When we talk of graphic design, we are not just talking about photos and how text is layered over them. Graphic design is in itself an art and when done right, it contributes to making a brand memorable as well as effectively tell the company’s story. In today’s business-driven environment, graphic design is playing an even crucial role. From business cards to social media digital artwork, to websites and business cards, all of these fall under effective graphic design. Oman has been growing dramatically in the marketing and communication field and it is in this field that graphic design is becoming a great and effective friend. It is also one of the most dynamic jobs with lots of millennials having the opportunity to work from home as the job simply requires a computer or a good laptop.

When Asma al Saadi, a student of the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University, decided to specialise in graphic design, she shared she wasn’t sure what she was getting into. “In the beginning, I had no idea of what this field is all about. I just wanted to do graphic design because it’s the closest to my passion for doing art,” she said. “I’ve always been passionate about art. It is through painting that I can express myself effectively. When I learned that Graphic Design is a sustainable and a good means of earning a living, I was more impassioned to pursue it,” she said.
Asma learned design through the Internet. She spent countless hours following Youtube tutorials and through perseverance and hard work, she was able to accelerate her learning.
“A lot of businesses today reach out to their clients through marketing and they engage them effectively through the designs. In Oman though, graphic designing is at its infancy. It still hasn’t fully evolved,” Asma said.
“Some people think it’s just a simple layering of photo and text. But if you are doing it, you’d realise that it’s more than that. While some might think everyone can do it, how to do it effectively is a different story,” she added.
Asma has been freelancing as a graphic designer for numerous companies and she is closely working with printing presses and media graphics institution.
Ammar al Busaidi has been a media producer working in the graphics design field for quite a while now.
“I chose to design because it was the first thing I learned when I used a computer. I have always been passionate about design programmes,” he said.
With years of experience, Ammar is both a master in print and digital designing.
He has created not only the artwork but different marketing materials for educational and health institutions even the sports and advertising industry.
“Today, designers must be flexible when it comes to skills. They should be knowledgeable both in digital and print format and should be able to create not only logos but web pages and infographics as well,” he said.
SQU design student Ahmed al Reisi pursued a speciality in the field because he sees tremendous potential in its future.
“We are moving towards a world that is visual-centric. No matter where we look, from the screens on our hands to the buildings we passed by along the way, all of these have a graphics design element to them,” he said.
“Graphic design is becoming unavoidable. Just by looking at the packaging of an item you buy, it’s there,” he said.
“It’s becoming one of the best skills and education to have in my opinion. But it is also constantly evolving so, therefore, as years progress, one must also grow with the technology and style,” he said.
“I hope to learn more and become an expert in creating logos and posters. Creativity is quite hard to come by if you are not born with it but you can always practise and with patience and dedication, you can get better,” he said.

BY Angham al Matrushi