Young Omani offers water tank cleaning solution

SALALAH, August 23 – A young entrepreneur from Salalah has come up with an innovative idea of cleaning water tanks to save people from many diseases. Suhail Hardan (pictured), a geology graduate from Sultan Qaboos University, came up with this idea some three years ago during regular lunch meetings with his brother Mohammed Hardan. They worked on it and finally the product is ready for service.
Suhail has put up a stall at the Salalah Tourism Festival (STF) ground to showcase his product, which is attracting people, “as almost everyone has interest in such kind of service, water and that too clean water is so important an issue that no one can afford to ignore,” he says.
His stall’s theme: “Don’t let your water tank dirty, you may fall sick,” is a kind of slogan that is not only promoting his product but also creating awareness among the festival visitors. “That is something very important because if the source of water is not clean, you cannot keep yourself healthy at all,” he says.
A geologist by profession, Suhail collected samples from more than 20 tanks. Samples included both from big public tanks and home tanks. Sample analysis led to urgent launch of tank cleaning measures and today Suhail’s company Al Edad International (for cleaning and disinfecting water tanks) has official permission to do the tank cleaning job.
His focus is main tanks first then the roof top home tanks. “Reason is simple. If we clean only home tanks and the source tanks remain dirty, the dirt would pass on again to the home tanks,” says Suhail.
His small company has capacity to clean up to 15 tanks daily. He is planning to expand the service to other cities of Oman depending upon company’s resources and capabilities.
Commenting on challenges of launching the idea, Suhail said it were the people, who were not ready to understand that proper cleaning of water tanks was important.
He cautioned house owners to get their tanks cleaned only with professionals. “We do not use any chemical and apply best practices. It is well researched, tested and in use from 2015,” said Suhail and claimed that his company was first of its kind in Oman.
Balqees al Jabri, an environment engineer, is associated with Al Edad. She finds this job very exciting and important due to the fact that it is related directly to the people’s health. “We feel like sharing our social responsibility while doing this job,” she said while explaining about the product at the STF.

Kaushalendra Singh