Yeti Nano is a mini version of Blue’s popular mic

Blue Microphones announced a smaller version of the critically acclaimed Yeti model known as the Yeti Nano. The Yeti Nano is now available on Amazon, Newegg, and Fry’s Electronics for $100. The Yeti Nano, which is a smaller version of the original Yeti, is specially crafted by Blue Microphones for all of the user’s live stream, podcast, Skype call, and voiceover needs. Beefed up with a superior sound quality and a compact design, the Yeti Nano is compatible with Windows PC and Mac devices.
“Every aspect of Yeti Nano is designed to help you record and stream easily. The compact footprint and all-new aesthetic fits perfectly on any desktop and looks great on camera. The built-in metal stand makes it easy to adjust the angle of the mic exactly where you need it,” the company posted on their website. Other than the compact size of the Yeti Nano, Blue Microphones have also managed to simplify the onboard controls in its new device. The headphone and monitoring volume knob as well as the mute switch have been connected in a single and multi-function dial.
While the traditional Yeti poses a higher sound pressure level than the Yeti Nano, Blue Microphones’ new product has shown immense potential, as it has an ability to record 24-bit sounds compared to the 16-bit of Yeti. Additionally, the Yeti Nano is also energised with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and has a max sound pressure level of 110 decibels.
Although the new device lacks the stereo and bidirectional options present in the Yeti, it still managed to maintain the USB plug-and-play capability in the Yeti Nano. The minuscule microphone also supports multiple recording options-that ranges from omnidirectional and the cardioid mode.
The cardioid mode is most desirable for podcasts with a single host and vocal performances. It is capable of recording sound sources promptly in front of the microphone. On the other hand, the omnidirectional mode is consumed on multi-person podcast interviews and conference calls with a multiplex of participants in the same room.
The Yeti Nano will come in four different colours such as the Cubano Gold, Red Onyx, Vivid Blue, and Shadow Grey.