Yemen war is ‘resolvable’: UN

GENEVA: The war in Yemen can be stopped because the warring sides and the international political consensus support a UN peace deal brokered in Stockholm last December, UN envoy Martin Griffiths said on Tuesday. “I believe that this war in Yemen is eminently resolvable,” Griffiths told reporters in Geneva. “Both parties continue to insist that they want a political solution and the military solution is not available, they remain committed to the Stockholm agreement in all its different aspects.”

The warring sides have fought to a stalemate, and several rounds of UN-sponsored talks, the last held in Sweden in December, have failed to implement any deal to end the war. Since 2015, tens of thousands of people — mostly civilians — have been killed in the conflict described by the United Nations as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

From ballistic missiles to unmanned drones, Yemen’s rebels appear to have bolstered their fighting capabilities, posing a serious threat to neighbours.
In June alone, the rebels launched at least 20 missile and drone attacks on Saudi border, some resulting in casualties and damage. Saudi advanced air defences successfully intercepted most of the strikes but failed to deal with some, including a drone attack on the vital airport of Abha, in the south, that killed one person and injured 21 others.

“We have witnessed a massive increase in capability on the side of the rebels in recent years, particularly relating to ballistic missiles and drone technology,” Andreas Kreig, a professor at King’s College London, said. “The current capability is far more advanced than anything the Yemeni armed forces had before the civil war,” which began in 2014, said Kreig, an expert on the Middle East. The rebels showed off some of their advanced weaponry at an exhibition held earlier this month at an undisclosed location to mark the fifth anniversary of their offensive against the Yemeni government. — AFP