Workshops on measles vaccination start today

Muscat, August 16 – The Ministry of Health (MoH), represented by Department of Public Health, will hold preparatory national workshops across all governorates for a national campaign for measles vaccination from Thursday, according to an official.
Several health workers, managerial delegates and other representatives from the public health sector are expected to join the week-long campaign, said Dr Amira al Raidhan, Director of Health Education and Awareness Programme, and head of Mental Health Department.
The workshops come in the wake of registration of nearly 50 cases of measles in the country. A comprehensive workshop was felt to be the need of the hour. The launch will be held at the Oman Women’s Association in Qurum at 8.30 am. Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saeedi, Minister of Health, had earlier said there were 114 cases of measles in 2016. The reasons for the rise in the number of cases, according to Dr Saeedi, include an increase in the number of expatriates from neighbouring countries and the constant movement of people from countries that have experienced outbreaks of communicable diseases, including measles.
Dr Amira further said the first phase of National Measles Vaccination Campaign held at Salalah and Al Wusta was a great success. The second phase too is expected to evoke good response from both citizens and residents alike.
“Phase I of our national measles vaccination campaign targeted 20-35 year-old locals and expatriates. This workshop is part of Phase II covering the remaining governorates,” she said.
All health centres saw heavy rush during the anti-measles vaccination campaign that ended on May 24.