Workshop on smart classrooms held in Musannah

Badriya Mohammed Al Balushi –
Musannah, March 6 –
The first Educational Technology Centre (ETC) Workshop was organised by the Educational Technology Centre (ETC) of without assistive devices (ACT) at Al Musanna College campus last week. Held under the theme, ‘Roadmap to Smart Campus’, the workshop was attended by Dr Abdul Hakim bin Hilal al Ismaili, Director-General of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Ministry of Manpower.
Delegates from the ministry, representatives from seven colleges of technology and other colleges/universities such
us Sultan Qaboos University, College of Applied Sciences, Ibri, Middle East College and German University of Technology were also present.
It saw technical experts from different institutions sharing ideas on different aspects of a smart learning environment. The workshop was spearheaded by Zainab al Maawali, ETC Head of Al Musanna College of Technology,
with support from Dr Muna bint Salim al Jardani, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Manpower for Technical Education and Vocational Training; and Dr Issa bin Saif al Toobi, Dean of Al Musanna College of Technology.
The event began with a welcome speech by the Dean of Al Musanna College. A video presentation outlining the status and scope of smart campuses was made. The workshop saw presentations from Dr Ahmed al Hosni from Sultan Qaboos University and Dr Qualid Ali from German University of Technology. They discussed the roadmap to smart campus and how the future trends of innovation can be deployed to provide a total future and innovative learning experience. They highlighted the smart campus infrastructure (buildings, room, etc) as well as smart learning (recent trends used in teaching and learning). Dr Issa al Toobi, accompanied by heads of colleges of technology, guests and participants, inaugurated an exhibition on the occasion.
The ETC team showcased the Basma Biometric Attendance by
using WiFi-enabled smart mobile by Krishan Chand Sharma and
Anirudh Gautam, and Digital Audit by Midhun, Nassar PC and Suguna Raju. Dr Munesh Singh Chauhan from the College of Applied Sciences, Ibri made a presentation on ‘Harnessing GPU Computing to solve Smart Campus Issues using Localised GPU-Accelerated Nodes’. Another paper, titled ‘IOT-based Smart Parking Systems in MEC using Android App and ThingSpeak Cloud Based Platform’, was presented by Shaik Mazhar Hussain and Yousef al Waili from Middle East College.
A paper on ‘Smart Inventory Control for Smart Campus’, was presented by Dr Amr Mohamed Mohammed Kamal, College of Applied Sciences – Ibri; ‘ICT towards e-Governance’ by Roland S Ablian, Ibra College of Technology; and ‘Big Data – Opportunities and Challenges’ by Suad al Bimani and Nisha Aloor, ETC Al Musanna College of Technology.